Extraordinary Diamonds, from our hands to yours


Only Natural Diamonds

Konan procures rough diamonds from Kimberley Process compliant secondary market sources. Our suppliers include sightholders and traders that cover both large and junior miners, in addition to auction houses and tender houses. Collectively, all the rough diamonds originate from three geographies: Canada, Russia and Southern Africa.


Identifying maximum potential

We aim to use proven technologies in our manufacturing process- we only adopt those that offer superior yield, improved accuracy and faster outcomes on a consistent basis, which enable our costing to be forecasted weeks out in advance.


Margin Oriented Customization

Konan’s polish diamond team vigorously implements synthetic checking throughout the supply chain, using the latest technologies made available to the market. Each stone is vetted in a GIA based assortment system, and then refined as per customer requirements. As no two diamonds can ever be identical, we actively source from the open market polish diamonds to ensure that we are always ready to supply our customers with the right product in the right time frame. Ultimately, maximizing customer satisfaction will automatically improve margins throughout the system and provide appropriate feedback.


Our Unique Expertise

Konan focuses on small diamonds in sizes 0.90mm up to 4.60mm, VG+ and Fine makes,collection color parcels and calibrated sizes; Konan’s products are well suited for polish diamond traders and jewelry manufacturers. We believe that consistency should be the priority, thus we invest all of our resources to ensure production continuity.


Our Initiative

Konan operates on the motto: Learn, Earn and Return – We believe that through continuous learning, we will be better able to earn for all stakeholders in our ecosystem, which will give us the capability to return back to our communities.


Headquarters & Operations

Factory specialization is supported by the labor and cost advantages of each geography; we believe that thorough assortments will place the rough diamonds in the best location for maximum yield, brilliance and production.
  • Konan Head Office:

    Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • Associated Factories:

    Surat, Gujarat

    Navsari, Gujarat

    Sidpur, Gujarat

    Palanpur, Gujarat

    Chennai, Tamilnadu


Our Acreditations

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